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Creating successful Slack channels for notifications is a vital part of your company’s use of Warmly. Slack channels are successful if the members of each channel i) understand the segmenting behind the notifications (what the notifications are) and ii) understand how to prioritize the notifications within their workflow (when to take action on the notifications). It is common for Warmly customers to have several (in some cases 10+) Slack channels for their sales organization, and these Slack channels are weaved into their organization’s sales processes.

Why are segments important for Slack notification channels?

Segments are the building blocks behind powerful Slack notification channels. Segments enable you to filter out the noise and narrow down each Slack channel to ensure that you’re only getting notifications for events that are interesting to your team. 

In this case, we can see that Steve Jobs, from Apple and located in Denver, CO, is on our website and was recently active.

We’re also able to start a live chat or live video chat with Steve directly on the right hand side of the screen.

How do Warmly’s CRM integrations play into creating successful Slack channels?

While it is possible to create successful Slack notification channels without integrating your CRM with Warmly, having your CRM integrated will enable your sales team to take your Slack notification channels to the next level. You’ll be able to do things like i) filter out existing customers that are in your CRM, ii) segment Slack channels by deal stage (for example, have a Slack channel set up for just your key bottom-of-funnel deals) and iii) create Slack channels for each rep that let them know when an account or customer of theirs is currently active on the website. 

Key Slack Channel Strategies

Slack Channels by Priority

Creating Slack channels based on priority will help your busy sales team prioritize leads that hit your website. Two channels that we would recommend include:
    1. Highest priority channel: segmented by ICP (employee count, headquarters, revenue, etc.), filtering out existing customers (accounts within           your CRM), and hitting high intent pages (for example, your pricing, product and case studies pages)
    2. Medium priority channel: segmented by ICP (perhaps slightly broader) and filtering out existing customers

If a notification goes off in your highest priority channel, it’s likely that your sales team will want to drop whatever they’re doing to chase that lead and try to engage with them on the website real-time. Similar for the medium priority channel, though there are some workflows that your sales team might continue prioritizing over these notifications.

Inbound Request to Chat

If your team uses Warmly’s Inbound Chat feature, we would suggest creating a channel that routes all requests to chat to one location. This is a high priority channel, and separating it will make sure that no requests are missed during the work day.

Account-Based Notifications

For account-based sales teams, Warmly can introduce channels for reps that contain all of their accounts within their CRM. To take it a step further, Warmly can segment by deal stage, so your reps can be notified separately for top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel deals that they own.

Territory-Based Notifications

Territory-based sales teams can use Warmly to create channels for their reps based on geography. In this scenario, a sales rep would be notified whenever an account within their geography is on their website.

Greenfield Notifications

A key Warmly Slack notification use case is creating channels for greenfield opportunities. We recommend that you work with the Warmly team to create a structure to distribute greenfield opportunities to your reps as they come in.

Other Channels

We always recommend that you brainstorm channels with the Warmly team. This is a key lever to reaching success through Warmly, so be sure to reach out to us.


This is play was written by Ryan Beyer, Head of Customer Success. Feel free to reach out at [email protected].

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