Add Dynamic Employee Information in Zoom.

Nametags enables modern enterprises to better connect employees via QR Codes, Name Pronunciations, Leadership Quizzes and more.

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Comparison of Zoom calls when using Warmly

Thousands of organizations use Nametags

What does Nametags unlock for your team?

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Employee Satisfaction

Foster deeper employee connections and create better teams.

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Onboarding Time

Help new employees get to know the org and their team, faster.

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Employee Churn

Retain top company talent for longer.

HR System Integration

Custom display anything from employee tenure to birthdays to compliance & more.

Leave a Lasting First Impression

Give your team the gift of personal and professional branding that helps them stand out and instantly build rapport on calls.

Look more professional

Host an inviting client experience on Zoom by including their logo in the meeting and unifying your team’s virtual backgrounds instantly to establish credibility.

Nametags unlocks an engaging video experience

Build rapport more easily

Use virtual real estate as a powerful touchpoint in the sales cycle.

Bring personalization to every prospect call.

Self advocacy for your staff

Empower your staff to self-advocate for their pronouns and name pronunciations on their Nametags. Recognition and respect from their peers can lead to higher employee retention rates.

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