👋 Welcome! Learn a bit about us below before deciding if applying to Warmly is right for you. We’re hiring exceptional humans like you to help us build something extremely new on a never before used App Store (Zoom!). Are you bold enough to join us on our mission to bring humanity back into conversation?

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Learn more about our Culture & Values

As a startup, it’s easy to get hyper-focused on the insane pace of creating something amazing at the expense of establishing early on concrete values that grow into a strong culture...

But we learned from our and others’ experiences that, like death and taxes, culture doesn’t wait to be created, and that if we didn’t drive our culture with intentional thought and action, it would be the proverbial tech devil’s playground and become something that no one wanted. This is why we created our 4 Warmly Values, which are cultivating  the culture we want.

Add a Comma, 🟣🐮

We love diversity, we love weird, we love purple cows. By establishing this as our first value, we hope to lay a foundation of psychological safety, and inspire those in and out of Warmly to discuss and try things that they may not have otherwise.

Play like a team, win like a team 🤜🤛

We pride ourselves on our collaborative natures and culture, and we are driven by a common purpose. There is a genuine understanding at Warmly of the power and necessity of each person’s contribution and that our accomplishments have no single origin.

Slope > Y-Intercept 📈🧠

Everyone has a unique background and faces different challenges, which can be headwinds or windfalls. We like to focus more on where you’re going, and how you’re getting there, than on where you’re starting or are at the moment.

Know thyself 🧐

Lastly, we believe deeply in understanding ourselves: what is behind our thoughts, actions, and reactions. To make mistakes, own them, and accept them in others, and increase our slope, we have to know what makes us tick. This is fundamental to being able to be different.

Meet the Team

Get to know the team and the many adventures we've been on together!

Team photo with our new hoodies on the beautiful Sitka Fine Arts Campus!

Shoutout to ASDF Print for the hoodies!

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Be a part of the world's 1st Zoomicorn!

Move over Sugar and Shine, the real Zoomicorn is arriving! Warmly is forging a new path with Zoom.

     Our co-founder and CEO, Max Greenwald, discussed in his post, The Future is Zoom, how in the next few years the vast majority of business interaction will have moved from in-person to virtual communication platforms. 

     In such a world, whoever owns the “virtual real estate” in and around a Zoom meeting will generate immense value and opportunity. Said another way, the next generation of unicorns will be built on the back of the Zoom App store. Bold Claim: The Zoom App Store will be bigger than the Apple App Store, for business professionals & consumers alike. Warmly will be the first ever “Zoomicorn”, a startup unicorn built off the back of Zoom - just like Zynga was for the Facebook App Store.

     We don’t find Unicorns, we make them.

Meet our Investors

As a startup we are lucky to have some of the best investors in the world. They chose to back us because they believe in our mission to bring humanity back into conversation.

     Elizabeth Weil, the founder of Scribble Ventures and one of our investors, explained to us her drive to invest in Warmly:

“The warmly product doesn’t make me happier, but more prepared, able to do my job better, and efficient. Your team loves to learn about the little things of each other --- this is hard to replicate in a distributed team environment. And your CEO, Max, prioritizes team building, company culture, and improving and learning every day.”

     And when you interview with us, we’ll tell you more about our deepening partnership with zoom.

     In 2020 our core team forged our startup in the best accelerators on the planet: Y-Combinator, Techstars, & Sequoia Company Design (we’re the only startup in the world to do all 3)

     Most recently, Warmly raised an additional $2.4 million from Maven Ventures, the same venture firm that backed Zoom in its early stages and F-Prime Capital

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