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People Insights

Background Signatures

Calendar Signatures

Up to 100 shared Team Backgrounds

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Warmly For Business

$7 / user / month

**Thanks to our partnership with Zoom, Warmly for Business is free with your paid Zoom subscription via your Zoom account rep. Contact for details.

Single sign-on & authentication

Unlimited shared Team Backgrounds

Custom branded holiday background pack

Admin management

Two company enablement sessions

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Warmly For Enterprise

Custom pricing

For 1000+ teammates

Dedicated customer success manager with SLA

Custom user permissions and roles

Personalized company onboarding & enablement

Virtual executive briefing center package

Background watermark removal

Annual contract discounts

Custom implementation

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Why buy Warmly?

Helping your team look professional
& build deeper relationships in a remote world is tough.

Create a Remote Culture-Forward Organization with our People Ops Add-On

  • Onboarding to a company virtually is hard. Help your new hires learn more about their teammates with on screen Org Charts
  • Diversity & inclusion is key. Let your employees share their name pronunciations & pronouns right over their shoulder in meetings
  • Meetings are boring. Wish a coworker a happy birthday or run a team icebreaker
  • Be respectful in meetings with Warmly’s countdown timer and 1-click to let your next meeting know you’re running late

The ROI of employees
feeling included & not quitting:
(but also 10% less employee/churn year from the Great Resignation)

Build a cohesive brand with our Marketing Add-On

  • You spent millions on a beautiful physical office. Now your exec team is in a basement with a cat running behind them. Help your exec team look professional
  • Choose company-acceptable virtual backgrounds
  • Instantly distribute backgrounds to all employees
  • 5x brand impressions leveraging employees as a brand channel.

The ROI of your logo on screen:
30 mins/meeting x 5 participants/meeting x 250 external meetings/year x 500 employees = 18,750,000 minutes of your logo making a positive impression

Land more deals with our Sales & Customer Success Add-On

  • Personalization is the key to remote sales; look sharp by adding your prospect’s logo to your background instantly
  • Don’t let your reps look like slobs on calls - unify your brand & background with Warmly
  • Never be alarmed when a new stakeholder is added to the QBR last minute - Warmly shows you exactly what you need to connect with them
  • Be sure you’re talking to the right stakeholder with integrated Org Charts on your prospect right in your meeting

The ROI reducing your pre-meeting prep time by 90%:
2 mins saved/meeting x 250 external meetings/year x 1,000 GTM employees = 500,000 minutes saved 


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