Integrate Your Techstack

Harness the full power of the tools you already use
Break down data siloes and let Warmly's autonomous sales orchestration ensure that no warm leads slips through the cracks.

Flexible Audience Creation

Focus your techstack on the warmest leads
Automatically execute playbooks whenever companies or prospects meet your filter conditions. Build audiences based on intent (website, G2, email), CRM or demographic data.

Contextual AI

Prospect research happens instantly
Warmly's AI scrapes the website information of your prospect and combines that with metadata from your techstack to build context. Context refreshes in real-time.

Automate Prospecting

Fetch contacts that match your ICP automatically
Create buyer persona filters. Then connect your Apollo, 6sense, or ZoomInfo API key, or use our contact database, to auto-prospect high-intent account stakeholders.

Scale Personalization

Sales-GPT for every prospect touchpoint
Send AI-personalized email and LinkedIn sequences triggered by buyer intent, website engagement, and job change signals.

Sync Back To CRM

Maximize the value of all your data
Connect buyer intent signals and website engagement to relevant records in your CRM. Create and update contact and company records in real-time to keep your CRM data refreshed.