Why I love Warmly: Seeing the bigger picture across digital business development

Learn how Megan Fulton, COO at VioletX, uses Warmly to fuel her fast-scaling company as they experience over 400% growth YoY.
Megan Fulton

Overview & Value Path

"At VioletX", Megan writes, "we are a popular, fast-scaling CISO in the growth startup space, experiencing over 400% growth. The majority of our business, 99%, comes from warm leads and customer referrals. In today's business world, where 80% happens digitally and asynchronously, I felt I was missing out on more than half the story without having visibility into the digital business world. Questions arose: Does my website effectively communicate with customers? Can I simplify communication and business transactions? Who visits my site? Prospects or existing customers? What are their intentions? Warmly bridges the gap between my two worlds."

Benefits of Warmly

For Megan, Warmly is critical to fuel her fast-growing company in a plethora of ways. Megan says, "Warmly provides several key benefits that have greatly enhanced my business operations:

  • Understanding Customer Intent: With Warmly, I can gain valuable insights into customer behavior by determining whether they visit my site before or after a call. This allows me to gauge their level of interest and tailor my approach accordingly.
  • Partner Activity: I can stay informed about potential partner engagement through Warmly. It helps me track their activity and identify new partnership opportunities, giving me a competitive edge.
  • Competitor Activity: Warmly keeps me in the loop when it comes to my competitors. I receive alerts whenever they discover my existence, enabling me to stay proactive and make informed decisions to stay ahead.
  • Streamlined Communication: One of the most significant advantages of using Warmly is the ability to streamline communication. I receive instant notifications in my Slack channel when someone fills out a form on my website. This centralizes my sales and marketing ecosystem, allowing me to monitor engagement and promptly respond to inquiries or leads.
  • Data-Driven Website Redesign: Warmly's robust data and insights have been invaluable in my collaboration with a web agency for a website revamp. By leveraging the data provided by Warmly, I can make informed decisions and create a website that effectively caters to my audience's needs.

With these powerful features and capabilities, Warmly has become an indispensable tool for my business. It empowers me to make data-driven decisions, improve customer interactions, and optimize my overall business performance."

Future Outlook

Megan continues, "I have only scratched the surface of what Warmly offers. My goal is to have prospects and customers fully engaged in Slack. Warmly will serve as the avenue to achieve this. With programs underway to enhance community engagement through Slack and email, I feel confident in pursuing these initiatives, knowing that Warmly is in place to assist in managing and measuring engagement. It provides me with insights into the invisible digital space where essential information resides."

As a final thought, Megan communicated that, "In summary, I want to live in Slack and have access to the invisible data generated by my ecosystem. Warmly enables me to achieve this, and as I embark on outbound customer success and prospecting, I anticipate even greater benefits.Warmly allows me to live in Slack and gain insights from the invisible data generated by my ecosystem. It empowers me to manage and measure engagement effectively, enhancing customer success and prospecting efforts."