Inbound Chat

Warmly’s inbound chat workflows, is a direct, affordable alternative to Drift’s conversational chatbot.

Lead To Meeting


Your sales team wants to engage with all ICP prospects visiting your website, but you don’t have the resources for your team to enter each session manually and try to get the prospects to respond. Using Warmly’s Inbound Chat feature, you will be able to create an icon in the bottom right of the screen that enables prospects the ability to request to speak with your sales team (or book a meeting automatically, if you’d like!). From there, Warmly will notify you via a Slack notification letting you know that a prospect would like to engage, and your sales team can enter the real-time session from Slack to have a sales conversation with the prospect visiting your website.

Warmly’s Inbound Chat is a highly automated feature and is key for busy teams that want to be notified when prospects have exhibited a very high intent action, requesting to talk to the sales team. Use this feature if you want to provide prospects the ability to raise their hand, but don’t want to overtly engage with all key prospects visiting your website like Warmly’s AI Chat feature allows you to do.

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This playbook was created by Ryan Beyer, Head of Customer Success at Warmly. Please reach out to his email at [email protected] with any questions or feedback.