Why Virtual Team Sales Is the New Norm—And What To Do About It

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December 6, 2023

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How embarrassing is it when you’re closing a deal with a prospect over Zoom, and your coworker pops in late and disheveled, with their dog running around the background? Suddenly, everybody is distracted and your whole company comes across looking unprofessional.

If you’re looking forward to in-person meetings again, you’re in the minority. In fact, LinkedIn’s 2021 State of Sales Report showed that 50% of buyers actually prefer a virtual process, and 70% would like to keep working remotely at least half or more of the time going forward.

That means if you are a sales manager or VP of sales in 2022, you need to care about virtual team selling. Here are three ways that Warmly can help your team stay sharp on screen.

1. Look Professional

Experienced sales leaders know the importance of unified team selling. With digital sales, it is not just about your individual Zoom box. It’s how the entire team comes across to the prospect. The last thing you want is three people showing up with random backgrounds. You may think you look like “The A-Team,” but the client doesn’t see you as Mr. T.

With Warmly’s matching background feature, one person can upload a background and everyone else on the team will automatically match. It can be your company’s logo, a meeting agenda, presentation slides, or even a generic background—as long as they’re the same. What the client will see is a team of people working together to make this project mutually successful.

2. Level-Up Your Sales Tools

How badly do you want to impress the client? Here are three levels to mastering virtual team selling:

Level 1

Match your team’s backgrounds, which Warmly can do for you automatically. The client will be able to quickly see all the people who are on your team in Gallery Mode.

Level 2

Use a matching background that the prospect will appreciate, such as the physical location of the prospect’s company headquarters, or something else that is relevant to them.

Level 3

Have matching backgrounds of their company office, but put a slightly different, catchy value proposition in the corner of each person’s screen. Then see what draws the prospect in.

For example, one teammate can have the logos of your other customers, which invites questions from the prospect and doubles as social proof.

Another may have “Ask me about feature X.”

One teammate can have “How’s the weather in Kentucky?” or wherever you know the client to be Zooming in from.

3. Look Omniscient

Most account executives are in back-to-back meetings trying to sell to clients. The onus usually falls on Sales Development Representatives to give them a quick jolt of information before they’re in front of the customer.

Instead of a 60-message-deep Slack or email thread that your salespeople have no time to read, why not have that information centralized through Warmly People Insights? This ensures that everyone is up to date on who the client is, what their pain points are, and all the information your team can use to make a connection—and therefore a sale.