4 Ways Zoom Can Make You Sell Better Virtually

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December 6, 2023

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There’s no question that the pandemic has changed how companies sell. Presentations in boardrooms are now meetings in Zoom Rooms. Conferences are now Zoom Webinars. Schmoozing over dinner is now… well, another Zoom call, even as the world is opening back up.

One thing hasn’t changed. Even with so much communication moved virtually, building relationships is still foundational to landing new deals.

A GLG survey in 2020 found that while 44% thought the “lack of face time with clients” was negative, most were neutral or even positive about it. That’s because sales folks are finding ways to connect differently, from using breakout rooms to showing vulnerability by sharing more of their home life.

Here are 4 ways that Zoom can make you virtually sell better.

1. Find your client’s pain points.

Sales teams used to be able to fly in-person to conferences and to meet with business leaders in order to figure out what pain points they have. Now these conversations have to happen over a video connection with (literally!) a limited window into the client’s life. How can you make the most of networking over Zoom?

The best way has always been through conversation. Ask smart questions that either demonstrate your expertise or explore the client’s day-to-day. Our Warmly add-on for Zoom can also help you represent your company (and generate valuable brand impressions!) whether you’re in a conference with one person or hundreds. You can share not only your company’s logo, but your title, credentials, certifications, or even fun facts about yourself.

2. Keep the relationship going.

After you receive a potential customer’s information at a networking event, how do you maintain the relationship? You’ve already made a great impression and secured the first call, but there will be another call after this one. That means the stakes are high to look professional and build relationships.

The key is building genuine connections over things that you and the client genuinely care about. Our Warmly add-on lets you add personal touches to your Zoom window, such as personal photos, ice breakers, or even company news that you can use as a jumping off point for conversation.

3. Team up fast.

If you work in a growing sales department, new teams are spun up all the time, which means you are always getting to know new teammates. On large sales pitches, the stakes are even higher. Connecting well with your teammates as you’re forming a new pitch is vital.

Maximize the time you spend in virtual meetings getting to know each other by using icebreakers. Having a tool like Warmly’s Zoom app lets you add background information about yourself to increase the chances of hitting it off. In an internal meeting, you can add hobbies, your recent projects, or even something weird about yourself that you’d like to share with your coworkers.

Make sure to have your own name pronunciation and pronouns on-screen to make it easy to reach out. You never know who might be nervous to speak up because they’re nervous about mispronouncing or misgendering someone.

4. Be on even when your video is off.

Sometimes the customer will meet you on Zoom but keep their cameras off. This is especially common in older, sleepier industries. You want to conform to the client’s level of comfort, but what’s the point of one person on video reading off slides when everyone else is a black box? You might as well be on a conference call. Try using Warmly’s add-on for Zoom to put up a Video-Off Nametag. Your clients will be able to see pictures and information about everyone on the call, and your whole team looks more professional in the process.