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"The fastest way I've seen to prep for meetings. Warmly makes it easy to learn unique details about whomever I'm meeting with — and that can make all the difference in forming meaningful connections remotely (which are way better than remotely meaningful connections)."

Naomi Bagdonas
@ Stanford's Graduate School of Business

How Warmly shortened Gainsight’s sales cycle by 15%

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Lonny Breaux

The Ai Business Cards by Warmly is a fantastic iteration.

No need to print Business cards now that business is hosted online and meetings are virtual. Fantastic touch @warmlyai 🔥

12:55 AM Mar 11, 2022

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[Warmly] just gives that ability for our call to go from ‘Hey, we’re talking about marketing’ to ‘Hey, we’re talking about people’ and that’s what I was drawn to with Warmly.

Joshua Culp
Account Manager
@ Feedonomics
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David Kobrosky | thebrunchguy.eth

My tech stack for brunch management:
1. @Community for segmenting & sending invites to members
2. @airtable for member data
3. @partifulsocial for creating invites & managing RSVPs
4. @warmlyai for sharing who's attending
5. @intros_ai for in-brunch matching

8:39 PM Apr 20, 2022

“What's nice about [Warmly] is it forces people to actually look and ask questions about our business...

We can just skip the niceties, and sort of get to whatever we're dealing with in the call. Because we only have 15 - 30 minutes at a time sometimes, so.

I think it just makes the virtual sales experience a little friendlier.”

Michael Griffin
Director of Sales
@ Appium

The new @warmlyai foreground feature for #Zoom is super awesome. This is so great for meetings where you don't know all of the participants.

Matt Butcher in his Warmly Nametag on the Foreground setting.
1:04 PM Jan 20, 2022

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Warmly, is winning the Zoom game:
🚀 Zoom Apps launch partner
🚀 1st batch of Zoom Apps Fund
🚀 Winner of Zoom Innovation Award

Warmly, is an AI business card that gives you all context on your fellow attendees.

You can also share the same context with your fellow attendees.

Warmly, has the potential to replace your address/contact book, and maybe even your #crm.

Hats off to Maximus Greenwald and team!

Blake Barlett- Warmly is winning the Zoom game.

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OK why isn't this the main window open for -every- person having a Zoom meeting ever — which is to say, well, -everyone-?

@warmlyai is -huge-. mark my words.

ly Zoom App
1:52 PM Oct 08, 2021

"I like the idea of Warmly because it saves me time in preparing for my meetings, especially with new people.”

Nathan Gold
Chief Coach
@ The Demo Coach

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Excited that @warmlyai is finally out of stealth on the new Zoom App Store!

@warmlyai is a zoom add-on to provide context to enhance your connections.

I love the 1-click "Running Late" button that lets my next meeting know I'm a tad behind. 😍

12:49 PM Jul 22, 2021
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🏆 Deploying the Platform category winner: @warmlyai

Using the Zoom Developer Platform, Warmly created an integration that allows users to create a virtual background that shares more about themselves - including their pronouns & name pronunciation - with a single click.

4:37 PM Sep 15, 2021