How Behavioral Signals sourced $7M in enterprise pipeline since using Warmly

Learn how Jay Leano, VP, Global Sales, at Behavioral Signals uses Warmly to land key enterprise accounts & decrease sales cycles.
Jay Leano
VP, Global Sales

Behavioral Signals Overview & Value Path

Company description: Behavioral Signals is an emotional intelligence AI provider, enabling its customers to add emotion and behavioral recognition to their software solutions, in turn designing and building more thoughtful, engaging interactions. Behavioral Signals typically sells to banking firms and contact centers, commonly with 10,000+ employees.

Industry: AI Software.

Objective: Identify more buyers and accounts that were visiting their website in order to accurately target correct ICP personas and shorten their sales cycle.

Result: Since working with Warmly, Jay's team has sourced nearly $7M in pipeline. Within the first month alone, Behavioral Signals went from prospect intent to first meetings in under 2 weeks (nearly $2 million in pipeline).

How Warmly Delivers Value

Jay Leano, Behavioral Signals’ VP of Sales, worked with Warmly’s onboarding team to complete the integration process in under one day. Jay began using Warmly’s unique link identifier in his outbound sales and marketing email campaigns, and instantly started receiving notifications displaying which accounts and individual contacts were visiting Behavioral Signals’ website. Before Warmly, the tool that Jay’s team was using would inform them of visits 1-2 days after the fact, and lacked any form of identification.

Jay and his sales team used Warmly to i) engage in real-time live chat conversations with prospects visiting their website and ii) efficiently and effectively prospect high intent accounts and individuals. Warmly’s chat functionality allowed Behavioral Signals to talk to prospects directly at the time they were most interested (while they were exhibiting high intent behavior on Behavioral Signals’ website), and Warmly’s insights enabled Behavioral Signals to send personalized emails to contacts who exhibited high intent behavior, eliminating the SDR ‘guessing game’ and saving Jay’s team hours of prospecting work.

In the initial month of employing Warmly, Behavioral Signals achieved a swift transition from initial interaction to finalized agreement within two weeks. This was facilitated by sending emails to the appropriate contacts at optimal moments. Moreover, during the same timeframe, Jay and his team scheduled 4 meetings and secured 12 qualified prospects, all while enjoying cost savings of approximately $60,000 by replacing other software solutions for visitor tracking, intent signals, and chatbot tools with Warmly.