How Behavioral Signals shortens enterprise sales cycles by 50-90% using Warmly Realtime Insights

Conversation with Jay Leano, VP of Sales at Behavioral Signals

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4 booked

in the first week

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12 qualified opportunities

in the first 3 months

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50-90% shorter enterprise sales cycles

$40k+ deals which took 3-4 months were being closed in under 3 weeks

About Behavioral Signals

Employees: 20 employees

Industry: AI Software

Description: Behavioral Signals creates AI mediated conversation software for contact centers and revenue recovery

Their Target Customer

Enterprise banks and contact centers
10k+ employees

Their Sales Motion

Primarily Outbound: 50 target accounts. ABM, drip campaigns, highly targeted emails.

Little Inbound: ~600 website visitors per month. ~1-2% of those chat or book demos inbound.

Cycle Length: 3-4 months

Sales Tools before Warmly

Insights & Intent Data
Uses Leadfeeder
Considered Lead Forensics

Tried Drift
Tried Intercom
Tried custom-built chat solution

Top Value Gained from Warmly

  1. Warmly provides contact level insights
    Behavioral Signals sell to huge banking firms and contact centers (often 10k+ employees). Knowing exactly who came by the site and what they’re interested in is critical for targeting the right people and shortening the sales cycle
  2. Warmly’s allows for realtime conversations with prospects
    “Timing is everything. If you wait longer than five minutes to respond after engagement, your conversion rate could potentially plummet by 80%. But the average response time for B2B companies (those that bothered to reply at all) was a massive 42 hours—almost two full days.”
    Warmly allows Behavioral Signals to talk to prospects at the time they are interested, not 24 or 72 hours later
  3. Warmly replaces 3 pieces of software
    Behavioral Signals is able to save ~$60k on costs on visitor tracking, intent signals, and chat bot tools. With a single tool, Warmly, they have a more seamless workflow for their marketing and sales team.

How Behavioral Signals uses Warmly

Behavioral Signals sales team added the Warmly script to their website in under 2 minutes.

Behavioral Signals also integrated Warmly's unique link identifier into their sales outbound email campaigns as well as their marketing email campaigns.

Within the same day, they started receiving realtime insights on which accounts and individual contacts are visiting their website. Before Warmly, when they were using Leadfeeder, the visits would come in 1-2 days delayed and only showed "Someone from X account" visited their site.

They could easily drill into insights about what content each visitor was viewing, who's the best contact to reach out to, etc.

The sales team would check the visitor insights dashboard twice a day, and send a very personalized email to contacts who showed high intent. For example:

No guessing of who came by. No hours of SDRs time prospecting ZoomInfo and LinkedIn for contacts at "hot" companies from Leadfeeder or 6Sense.

Way higher success rate at email replies.

Within the first month of using Warmly, Behavioral Signals was able to go from first meeting to closed deal in under 2 weeks by emailing the right contact, and having that champion bring in the right stakeholders to the following meetings.

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