How Warmly's marketing team tapped into our own product to increase inbound by 40% in Q2

Discover a few examples of how Warmly's marketing team has been using its own product to more effectively and efficiently engage with prospects to land qualified booked meetings.
Alan Zhao
Head of Marketing

Insights and playbooks Warmly’s marketing team used to increase inbound by 40% in Q2 and make more informed marketing decisions

(1) Warmly’s insights identified hundreds of net new accounts and individuals visiting our website (and Warmly enabled us to send nurture emails to all of them!)

These are educated accounts and prospects who have spent significant time on Warmly’s website engaging in high intent actions. Through Warmly’s insight platform, our marketing team was able to identify ~60% of all of our traffic, allowing us to retarget prospects in a highly personalized manner (and, in many instances, automatically using Warmly’s automation software for sales and marketing teams). [Watch it live!]

Every day, we effortlessly piped greenfield accounts and contacts showing intent into our CRM and automatically added them to high conversion nurture sequences.

See below for two charts displaying weekly identified accounts and contacts, high intent prospects, that Warmly has added to our CRM in the past quarter.

(2) Warmly’s marketing team received real-time notifications of live form fills on our website, and captured data from 99% of prospects who abandoned our form fills prior to submission

Warmly’s Slack notifications let our marketing team know real-time when a marketing contact or prospect is in the process of filling out a form on Warmly’s website. Using this information, our marketing team is able to enter the site visitor’s session and warm call them with the goal of either ensuring that they finish the form, or engaging with them directly while they are on our site and most interested in our product (and before they leave our site and head over to a competitor site!).

Warmly captures all form fill data, so even if a member of our team is not able to engage with the visitor real-time, we are alerted of the visitor’s contact information and are able to follow up with them once available.

We also capture partial form fills, helping our own team chase after site visitors who began filling out a form on our website but abandoned the form before submitting.

See below for a screenshot of our form fill Slack notification channel, which our team uses daily to successfully convert website visitors to tangible pipeline.

(3) Warmly’s marketing team saw a 12.5% connection rate with high intent prospects on our website

The average cold calling success rate is 2% per Cognism. Using our own tool, however, Warmly saw a 12.5% connection rate with high intent prospects visiting our website. Instead of devoting valuable resources to cold calling and spray-and-pray marketing efforts, Warmly leaned into the ICP prospects that were literally knocking on our door (spending significant time on our website!).

Additionally, we were able to give time back to our reps while customizing messages to all ICP prospects visiting our website using Warmly’s AI chat, a key resource for leaner teams looking to increase reach while maintaining the personal touch [Watch it Live!].

The second half of this case study contains several Warmly wins from engaging with prospects live on our website.

(4) Warmly’s marketing team was able to look thoughtfully into its various advertising campaigns through Warmly insights to make sizeable marketing decisions

Using UTM tracking through Warmly, our team was seamlessly able to identify and track 60%+ of the companies who were clicking through our various advertising campaigns and spending time on Warmly’s website. Using this data, we monitored whether our marketing campaigns led to pipeline converted with these specific companies.

In Q2, our marketing team launched and committed significant resources to a YouTube advertising campaign. While the campaign was relatively successful, we determined through Warmly that the ROI from the campaign did not meet the threshold needed to continue pursuing it, a key decision that will likely save us thousands of dollars and enable us to commit this spend to higher ROI channels.

See below for a screenshot through Warmly of the companies that we were able to identify from our YouTube campaign (up to 16+% of total).

(5) Warmly’s marketing team created intent-based lead scoring to ensure that we’re prioritizing contacts and accounts properly

Warmly uses custom Warmly properties in our CRM to enhance basic CRM lead scoring, because it’s vital for us to bake into our lead scoring that an account visited our pricing or case study pages and had multiple unique visitors spending over five active minutes on our website in the past week.

Warmly nurtures low-intent website visitors. We’ve found that website visitors who just visit our home page or spend less than 30 seconds on the website are unlikely to buy right away. So we leverage what we know about what they did on the website and what company they come from, and automatically trigger nurture campaigns towards our ICP in that company. It’s like advertising retargeting but with email!

Some of Warmly’s wins from Warm Calling and Warmly’s AI Chat feature

(1) Warm Calling via Warmly led to a preliminary sales call with CorralData’s growth team and a closed/won deal.

Averi Haugesag, CorralData’s Director of Growth, was looking into Warmly on our website. Alan, co-founder at Warmly, received a Slack notification that the session was taking place and that Averi had just booked a demo, and he automatically warm called Averi to join her live session. They engaged in a conversation on the website, and then switched to Zoom because Averi wanted to bring in another member of her team, Arthur Kriklivy, a senior project manager.

After this preliminary discovery call, Averi and Arthur brought Warmly in front of their CEO, which eventually resulted in a closed/won deal.

This interaction demonstrates how companies, including Warmly, miss opportunities day after day by not engaging with interested buyers that visit their websites.

This is a recorded video of part of Alan’s preliminary discovery call with Averi and Arthur:

(2) Warm Calling via Warmly led to an instant qualified conversation with the Head of Sales at

Alex Wettreich,’s Head of Sales, was on Warmly’s website looking into incorporating our tool into his team’s tech stack. Max, Warmly’s CEO, received a Slack notification in one of his priority Slack channels, letting him know that a prospect at a key Warmly ICP account (US-based, 50-250 employees) was on our website. Max warm called into Alex’s live session, where they began talking via chat and eventually transitioned to a video conversation.

This is a recorded video of Max’s conversation with Alex:

(3) Warm Calling via Warmly led to an instant qualified conversation with the CEO at Bound.

Jim Eustace, CEO at Bound, was looking through Warmly’s website. Warmly identified that someone from Bound was on the site and sent a Slack notification to Max, Warmly’s CEO. Max warm called into Jim’s session and sent several messages over ~30 seconds in order to get Jim to turn on his audio and subsequently his video.

Max was able to have a preliminary sales conversation including a demo with Jim, which led to follow-ups regarding both a reseller partnership as well as Bound buying Warmly to incorporate it into their tech stack.

This is a recorded video of Max’s conversation with Jim:

(4) Warm Calling via Warmly to facilitate a successful booked meeting to cross-sell Warmly’s products to the Director of Sales at ShulWare.

Zachary, Director of Sales at ShulWare, visited Warmly’s website to look into purchasing Warmly’s nametags product for his sales team. Nabil, Warmly’s Senior Sales Development Representative, received a notification identifying that a member of ShulWare’s team was on the website, and he warm called into the session.

Due to his immediate intrigue about Warmly’s chat functionality (“tell me about this chat feature… I freakin’ love it”), Nabil was able to book a qualified meeting with Zachary the same day that he visited the website.

(5) Warmly’s AI chat led to a preliminary sales call with Salesflow’s CEO and a closed/won deal.  

A qualified prospect (CEO of a 40-person B2B SaaS company) was browsing Warmly’s website with no intention of booking a meeting. But by jumping on a live video chat, Alan, Warmly’s co-founder, was able to have a qualified discovery meeting that turned into a sales qualified opportunity with next steps. Time and cost to move this person from top directly to bottom of the funnel was effectively zero.

Alan was drafting an email to a prospect when he noticed a Slack notification on the top right hand corner of his screen. Our AI chat had outreached to someone who was visiting the Warmly site from England. The prospect responded to the AI chat and Alan was notified of the response. He quickly clicked into the Slack notification and jumped into the Warmly session to view the conversation thread. The prospect responded to a personalized joke the AI made about the visiting prospect’s company. Alan turned his video camera on while engaging with the prospect, which led to the prospect also turning on his video camera (effectively generating a real-time video conversation while the prospect was visiting the website). The prospect was intrigued by our product and they ended up having a discovery call about Warmly. This interaction led to a next steps meeting with Salesflow’s Head of Demand Generation and eventually a closed/won deal.

This is a recorded video of part of the conversation with Salesflow’s CEO:

(6) Warmly’s AI chat booked a preliminary meeting with VeryTechnology’s CMO, leading to a closed/won deal.

A current customer of ours was chatting about Warmly in a prominent sales community, which led Rachel, the CMO at VeryTechnology, to come to our website. Warmly’s AI chat engaged with Rachel, and the second message that the AI chat sent included the option to book a meeting directly with Warmly’s sales team. Rachel booked a meeting using the link, which led Max, Warmly’s CEO, to meet with Rachel and resulted in a closed/won deal with a significantly shorter than average deal cycle.

(7) Warmly’s AI chat automatically booked a qualified meeting.

Warmly’s AI chat has the functionality to book meetings automatically for your sales team. Included in the second AI chat message is Warmly’s generic meeting link, which prospects can use to book qualified meetings. Using Warmly’s filtering system, called Warmly segments, sales teams are able to only send AI chat messages to qualified accounts (based on filters like company headquarters, employee count, estimated annual revenue, etc.). In this instance, a qualified prospect booked a meeting with Warmly after just two AI chat messages. See below for a transcript:

Keegan (AI): Hey! Warmly sales rep here to offer an ice chilling solution (not a bot btw, real person)

💡This was the Warmly AI chat’s preliminary message to the prospect. Warmly wasn’t able to identify the company at which the prospect worked, so the message the AI chat sent was relatively generic.

Keegan (AI): Hey there, just curious, what got you interested in Warmly? Want to chat? Or book a meeting with us?

💡Warmly’s AI chat sent a second message since the prospect didn’t reply to the first message.

Prospect: Would love to learn more maybe two weeks out? I can do a 20 min chat.

💡After sending this message, the prospect booked a meeting via Warmly’s calendar link.