$20,000 closed in the first week

"I initiated the warm call and onboarded them right there. That was a $20,000 deal, so we were immediately ROI positive.”
Paul Russo
Chief of Staff

Learn how Paul Russo, Chief of Staff at Pump, uses Warmly to close deals directly for Pump’s website.

“If you are looking for a way to get intel on who is coming to your website and really squeeze leads and get them into business, Warmly is a no-brainer.”

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They’re a relatively fresh startup — as of writing, they’re preparing for a seed round — meaning Paul has a big job on his plate: getting Pump’s revenue engine off the ground.

“Our sales and marketing structure is pretty simple. Marketing is responsible for bringing leads into the self-service platform. From there, we have a three-step onboarding process. Sales prioritize outreach depending on what stage a given customer is at, and then launches personalized omnichannel outreach campaigns across LinkedIn and email.”

As far as their stack goes, Paul and his team are using:

  • HubSpot as the primary CRM
  • Apollo for account intelligence
  • Alfred for LinkedIn automation
  • LoopGenius for automated marketing campaigns

Understanding who was visiting Pump’s website

Before onboarding Warmly, Paul was struggling.

Pump was getting a lot of traffic to the site, but Paul and his team had no idea how to attribute that to marketing campaigns, let alone understand who each visitor was.

In looking for a suitable visitor identification software platform, Paul looked at solutions like Factors but ultimately settled on Warmly:

“We liked that Warmly had more data sources and reputable partners like Clearbit and 6sense. We also really liked that Warmly sometimes surfaces email addresses of prospects, so we can throw them right into sales outreach campaigns.”

Ready to go in less than a week

Once Paul had made the final decision to onboard Warmly, everything was smooth sailing.

“Implementation was super simple. It was literally just two two-hour calls in the space of a week, and we were done. Ryan was super responsive over Slack as well, which makes the whole process so easy.”

$20k closed in the first week

“We’ve been really loving Warmly for the live video chat feature. Someone lands on our site, and we can set up a video call and even close them right then and there.”

With this new sales sequence, Paul and the team at Pump were seeing ROI almost immediately.

“Our time to first value was crazy quick. I remember that within the first week or so, someone landed on our site. Warmly identified them, and it was someone we’d contacted via outreach.

I initiated the warm call and onboarded them right there. That was a $20k deal, so we were immediately ROI positive.”

As Pump gets to know Warmly’s vast feature set, one particular integration is becoming incredibly handy:

“I love that with Warmly, new opportunities just show up as an alert in Slack. We get a notification that someone is interested in us, and it makes life super easy.

Sometimes, that’s not even a sales opportunity. For example, we recently saw that some VCs were checking us out, which is great intel since we’re looking at raising soon.

Other times, it's big opportunities that could be a potential flagship customer. One of those whales landed on our site recently, and we wouldn’t have known that without Warmly. But we caught that and launched an account-based play to target them.

Close prospects while they’re hot with Warmly

As Paul knows firsthand, Warmly is a powerful tool for uncovering anonymous website visitors and understanding how your demand generation campaigns are performing.

But Warmly does more than website deanonymization.

Once we’ve figured out who is on your site, Warmly can:

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