How Namecoach uses outbound chat to convert website visitors to booked meetings with Warmly

Laura Miller, Director of Sales, at Namecoach empowers her SDRs with Warmly to turn their website into a meeting-booking machine.
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Namecoach Overview & Value Path

Company background: Namecoach, a leading tool in audio name pronunciations, works with over 300 companies and universities to promote inclusion, belonging and rapport in interactions. Their customers include large companies, hospitals and some of the largest universities in the United States (like The Ohio State University and the California Community Colleges).

Industry: Education Software

Objective: Gain more customers. Namecoach has ambitious revenue goals for the year and turned to Warmly increase qualified pipeline.

Result: In just a few weeks, Namecoach booked +10 qualified meetings across high-ACV enterprise customers.

How Warmly Delivers Value

Warmly’s website chat tool enables its customers to i) get notified via Slack when a prospect is on their website and exhibiting high intent behavior (like looking at the pricing page), ii) join the prospect’s live session and see exactly what the prospect is doing on the website in real-time and iii) start a chat or video conversation with the prospect to answer questions, offer insights and book meetings.

Warmly typically identifies over 100 companies and universities every day that visit Namecoach’s website. Using Warmly’s segment builder, Namecoach is able to eliminate the accounts that don’t fit their ICP while also highlighting the accounts that engage in particularly high intent behavior on their website (things like visitor active seconds and visiting high intent pages). The sessions for these accounts are the ones that Namecoach’s team pounces on in an attempt to qualify prospects and land qualified booked meetings.

In Namecoach’s first month of using Warmly’s website chat tool, they have been able to reach out to hundreds of prospects visiting their website and have booked 10 meetings (including several qualified meetings) that are incremental to Namecoach’s current sales workflow.

Take a look at a typical interaction that showcases Warmly’s superior speed-to-lead value path. In this case, it took Carlos at Namecoach 5 minutes to go from beginning a chat with a prospect to landing a booked qualified meeting.

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