Engage Prospects with Videos in Sales

Posted by Alan Zhao


August 1, 2023

Video in sales

In today's competitive sales landscape, personalization is key to capturing the attention and interest of prospects. While personalized emails have been a popular approach, it's no longer enough to stand out from the crowd. Enter video—the rising star in sales outreach. Video adds a dynamic and personalized touch to your communication, allowing you to showcase your product, connect on a more human level, and make a lasting impression.

Tools for Video-based Sales

Personalizing emails is no longer limited to inserting a prospect's name. With video tools like Sendspark, Vidyard, and OneMob, you can take personalization to the next level.

  • Sendspark: Empowers you to take personalization to the next level. It allows you to create personalized videos to address your prospect's pain points, demonstrate your product, and establish a genuine connection.
  • Vidyard: Enhances personalization in your sales outreach. It enables you to create and send personalized videos that captivate your prospects, showcase your product features, and make a lasting impression.
  • OneMob: Takes personalization to new heights. It provides a platform to create personalized videos that engage your prospects, communicate your value proposition effectively, and stand out from the competition.

These platforms enable you to create and send personalized videos that address your prospect's pain points, demonstrate your product, and establish a genuine connection. By leveraging these tools, you can personalize your outreach at scale and capture the attention of your prospects in a memorable way.

Your LinkedIn Presence: Video Takes Center Stage

LinkedIn has become a powerful platform for professional networking and lead generation. To make your outreach on LinkedIn more impactful, incorporate video into your strategy. Instead of relying solely on text-based messages, create and share short videos that introduce yourself, highlight your expertise, or address specific challenges your prospects may be facing. Video content on LinkedIn stands out in the feed, increases engagement, and helps you build stronger connections with your target audience.

Our CEO Max Greenwald posted a video on Warmly’s LinkedIn of him rapping.

Personalized and Interactive: Video Calls on Zoom

As virtual meetings and video calls have become the norm, leveraging video in your sales conversations on platforms like Zoom can significantly enhance your communication. Rather than relying solely on slide decks or static presentations, use video to bring your product or solution to life. Showcasing your product features, sharing customer success stories, or providing live demonstrations through video calls allows you to create a more interactive and engaging experience for your prospects.

Warmly’s Zoom Nametag builder allows you to customize your Zoom.

Video Warm Calling: The Power of Visual Engagement on Your Website

Cold calling has long been standard practice in sales, but it can be challenging to capture and maintain a prospect's attention over the phone. Enter video warm calling—an innovative approach to connect with your website visitors. By embedding personalized videos on your website's landing pages or using video chat tools, you can engage prospects in a more personal and visually compelling way. Video warm calling humanizes your outreach, boosts engagement, and increases the likelihood of conversion.

Video in sales has revolutionized how we engage with prospects at every touchpoint. Whether through personalized videos in emails, LinkedIn outreach, video calls on Zoom, or video warm calling on your website, leveraging video allows you to deliver a more personalized and impactful sales experience. Embrace the power of video in your sales strategy and stand out from the competition by creating engaging and memorable interactions that resonate with your prospects.

Aug 01, 2023