How does Warmly help remote teams? Ask Daniel Trujillo from Cience.

Posted by Alan Zhao


November 17, 2022

"This type of rapport is just take you to a different level

Can you please introduce yourself and take me through your day-to-day?

Absolutely. I’m Daniel from Cience. My main role is the director of backlinks, SEO, and marketing. 

My day-to-day at Cience is one of my most fun adventures: I just put my hands on a little bit of everything. We have a YouTube channel right now where we are creating some really good content. We have been focusing a lot, in the past few weeks, on blogs and SEO content optimization. I also manage the backlink team, which is in charge of all of the collaborations we have with great companies – we nurture those relationships daily.

One of the things I enjoy the most is having one-on-ones with my team members to see how they are doing, what they might need, and what's their emotional stage during the day. For example, sometimes the end of the month can be a little bit stressful. Some of them might be struggling with something in the outside world that you might not know about. Sometimes they just need to be heard. You have to take all of that into consideration to run a successful team career and company.

So, that's how I break down my daily agenda. 

How do you typically manage your schedule with all those meetings remotely? 

Nowadays, all these new tools, software, and systems make our lives a lot easier. At Cience, we are an international company, and some of my team members are in Ukraine, Brazil, and Mexico.

We have to be very organized when it comes to this western time schedule as most of our clients are US based. All of our planning is according to their time zones. 

Has Warmly helped with your remote culture? 

I met with Warmly’s CEO, Max, who showed backgrounds that can tell a little about yourself to break the ice.

It’s necessary because sometimes you have these interactions with clients where it is a little bit more intense. There is not much time for a quick chat. Warmly helps us have something on the Zoom background and be more personalized. 

My team members add tags on their [virtual Warmly] background. Sometimes they can ask questions or leave something they might not [want to] forget about or how they feel. I can read it to understand and see what's going on. It helps take the conversation to a deeper level.

Many people might not feel as comfortable speaking in public. Warmly gives you another platform to express yourself and to let people know how you feel, whether you have any questions, or maybe something about you that others might not know.

That’s the personalized touch that Warmly brings to the table.

How have your external stakeholders and clients reacted to Warmly? How has Warmly changed building rapport with your clients?

It's really fun, to be honest with you!

I put general info in my bio, and clients say – “Oh, you have a marketing job. You like coffee! You enjoy jazz music.” 

“Where are you located” is another great topic. That's a great icebreaker. You can start with a little bit of personalization. 

We deal with many people from different backgrounds, but most of our clients are CEOs for medium and large corporations. It can be strange sometimes in a call because we might not have regular personal human interaction with each other, and everything might be business. When you have Warmly, you can take your mind off your KPIs, goals, day-to-day, and agenda, and you can have a great time talking. We can have those five minutes that make a huge impact. 

We start finding more and more common subjects that we look forward to having another meeting. We might even have a whole meeting without even talking about business. And [it] takes you to the next level that creates loyalty with your customers.

This type of rapport just takes you to a different level they might not have before. I take advantage of all these other platforms and tools that can help make remote work easier.

Nov 17, 2022