Why Warmly has become one of the fastest growing apps used by Gainsight

Posted by Alan Zhao


June 21, 2022

A collage of Gainsight employees featuring Customer Service Managers.


As the leading Customer Success platform provider, Gainsight has employees all over the world, supporting customer-centric businesses with key business issues such as customer success, product experience, and revenue optimization to name a few. Their mission to help others build deep and lasting relationships and bring a human element back into this digital space resonates strongly with our own purpose.

Similar to other companies, Gainsight was struggling with employee retention and onboarding in this new remote world. To reduce the feelings of isolation, Gainsight utilized Warmly’s customizable Nametags as a way to streamline conversations and help employees forge more authentic relationships.

Reducing the onboarding process by 21%

Onboarding new hires typically takes 6 months, but the usual office tour has been replaced by digital solutions such as virtual 1:1’s. New employees now face the challenge of figuring out which teammate they should reach out to and where to surface questions, in addition to establishing trust. Using Warmly as an onboarding tool, new Gainsight hires can access important information about their team through multiple channels.

Users are able to easily spark conversations and understand their teammates and important stakeholders using Nametags to quickly identify commonalities and reinforce details like titles and name pronunciations.

Gainsight new hires have reported these highlights since the implementation of Nametags in their onboarding process:  

Nick Mehta, CEO at Gainsight, smiling in his Warmly Nametag.
  • 1 hour per week saved on productivity
  • Increased recollection of their colleague’s interests and titles in teams of 20+
  • Better understanding of their co-workers’ job functions and projects
  • Rise in employee engagement in team-culture related Slack channels and activities
"Warmly is a key part of our hybrid work strategy because it keeps employees engaged, happy and feeling included wherever they're working"

-Nick Mehta, CEO

Focusing on the important details

74% of people find themselves researching a person while speaking to them in a Zoom meeting, and Gainsight employees were often in the same boat. Through the implementation of bios within the Nametag, individuals were able to discover commonalities with just a quick glance. The need for frantic LinkedIn sleuthing diminished. With their attention no longer divided, conversations became the main focus, resulting in higher retention of what was discussed.

More and more employees recalled their colleagues’ unique qualities and interests, which led to more relevant and open communications. Knowledge sharing is crucial to Gainsight’s success as the company covers multiple industries that often intertwine. Bottlenecks and confusion break down as inter-team and interpersonal ties strengthen.

Stephanie Gage, Solutions Architect at Gainsight with her Warmly Nametag.
"Being a new remote employee at Gainsight, I have been able to learn more about my colleagues because of their Warmly background."

-Stephanie Gage, Solutions Architect

Eliminating confusion within 60 seconds

Prior to Warmly, Gainsight employees faced the challenge of transitioning from previous meetings during a packed schedule. By enabling Calendar Signatures, meeting participants can easily access names, name pronunciations, job titles and location details all within the event invite as they leap into video calls.

Their employee retention also improved, which provided better directions on which team members to reach out to for specific questions. Skimming through these key details allowed Gainsight employees to be more confident in their meetings because they had sufficient information at their finger tips and on screen.

Broghan Zwack, Solutions Architect at Gainsight, smiling in her Warmly Nametag.
“In calendar invites, I would see the little crystal ball and then information about each participant in the call.

I had just started at Gainsight a couple of weeks before and found that really helpful, literally just on internal calls when I had no idea who on earth I was actually meeting with.”

-Broghan Zwack, Solutions Architect
Jun 21, 2022