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As an alternative to pouncing (utilizing outbound chat) to engage with prospects that visit your website, inbound chat enables your prospects to be able to raise their hand and let your sales team know that they would like to engage with you. This is a particularly high intent signal, and Warmly’s inbound chat feature is a key strategy to add to your sales efforts.

How do I set up Inbound Chat and incorporate segments?

Inbound Chat is found within the Settings tab of the Warmly dashboard. To enable Inbound Chat, simply switch on the ‘Inbound Chat Enabled’ button. 

In order to utilize Inbound Chat most successfully, our team suggests that you consider adding segments to your Inbound Chat. Without any segments, any visitor to your site will see a Warmly icon in the bottom right corner of their screen upon scrolling or clicking after a few seconds. This might be alright, but it will likely be the case that individuals outside of your ICP or people with simple questions use the feature. By adding segments, you’re able to filter down the people that are able to see the Warmly icon, thus focusing in on your company’s key accounts and visitors.

As a starting point, we would suggest adding ICP segments to your Inbound Chat to ensure that anyone engaging with you via Inbound Chat fits your company’s key sales profile.

We’re also able to start a live chat or live video chat with Steve directly on the right hand side of the screen.

What are the different Inbound Chat buttons?

Warmly’s Inbound Chat feature has four buttons that you are able to toggle on and off at your convenience.
    • Video call: enabling visitors to request to video call with a member of your team
    • Audio call: enabling visitors to request to audio call with a member of your team

    • Chat with us: enabling visitors to request to chat with a member of your team
    • Book a meeting: enabling visitors to be able to book a meeting without any contact with a member of your sales team (note: you    need to add a calendar link for this feature to work properly)

How do I get notified if a visitor uses Inbound Chat?

Like notifications when a visitor hits your website, you will be notified via Slack when a visitor uses Inbound Chat on your website.Since Inbound Chat is a particularly high intent behavior, we suggest creating a separate Slack channel to funnel all Inbound Chat notifications into. This playbook’s video goes into detail about setting this channel up.


This is play was written by Ryan Beyer, Head of Customer Success. Feel free to reach out at [email protected]

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