How Gainsight’s CSMs personalized each video call by implementing Warmly Nametags


About Gainsight
Founded in 2013
Headquartered in San Francisco
Focus in Customer Service
Gainsight CSMs struggle with building rapport and establishing credibility in external calls.
Solution Benefits
Increased Customer Satisfaction Scores
Brand consistency and standardization in each call

As the leading Customer Success platform provider, Gainsight has employees all over the world, supporting customer-centric businesses with key business issues such as customer success, product experience, and revenue optimization to name a few. Their mission to help others build deep and lasting relationships and bring a human element back into this digital space resonates strongly with our own purpose. 

As more and more meetings moved to Zoom, Gainsight solutions architects struggled with balancing back to back meetings, increasing Zoom fatigue from repetitive introductions and developing trust and credibility. To combat these rising challenges, Gainsight introduced Warmly to its workforce and almost instantly saw positive results.

Focusing on the important details

74% of people find themselves researching a person while speaking to them in a Zoom meeting, and Gainsight employees were often in the same boat.* Through the implementation of bios within the Nametag, individuals were able to discover commonalities with just a quick glance.

Instead of the back and forth introductions and “how’s the weather” chatter, Gainsight’s Solutions Architects spent more time developing proof of concepts and addressing customer concerns. Personalizing their Nametags by featuring the other company’s logo on the screen or customized shoutouts echoed the collaborative relationships between Gainsight’s employees and clients. Warmly helped make virtual calls a more welcoming and personalized experience, higher customer satisfaction ratings.

Nick Mehta
CEO of Gainsight
"Deep customer relationships are the cornerstone for what creates happy Gainsight customers yet remote work has made fostering those more difficult.

Warmly solves this for Gainsight by enhancing our virtual customer experience, allowing Gainsight's customer-facing teams easily find something in common with their prospects & customers."

Learning to speak the same language

After instituting Warmly backgrounds and Nametags,  Gainsight Solutions Architects almost immediately noticed a difference. Diffusing tense situations using Warmly Nametags became exponentially easier as they were able to discover commonalities between the two parties. 

There was a sparkle in the eyes of employees that were usually glazed over, and meeting participants seemed more focused now they felt more comfortable, which allowed for more natural flowing conversations.

“Having a Warmly background adds extra fun to my external calls. I find that having a text about myself shows my personality before we even start the conversation.”
-Stephanie Gage, Solutions Architect

Establish credibility and brand presence with a click

Showing up to video calls as a unified front is key to establishing yourself and team as qualified, knowledgeable professionals. Warmly removes background distractions and allows Admins in the organization to sync all backgrounds with a simple click, which is especially useful in large pitch meetings or onboarding sessions. Gainsight used the Admin Portal to regulate the backgrounds and Nametag elements to fit their brand standards. 

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