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It's 2021, you should always stay true to yourself by living authentically. We at Warmly think this should extend to your Zoom meetings as well.

Max Greenwald
Co-founder & CEO

In 2021, there are more ways than ever to express yourself and share who you really are, and at #Warmly, we think this should extend to the way you bring yourself to Zoom meetings with colleagues, sales contacts, investors, and more. Show your true colors by owning the space around your face. 

Don’t be restricted to a boring stock photo or a blank wall filling the background of your virtual meetings. Instead, get creative with Warmly’s auto-generated Zoom backgrounds.

Compared to in-person meetings, Zoom has a way of framing your face within the computer screen, which will leave a certain impression on the person you meet via virtual call. Use that extra space to be memorable with fun colors, your name, your company, your location, fun facts, and icebreakers. 

Whether you’re trying to make a great first impression on an investor, stand out at a busy virtual conference, or thoughtfully engage a new contact, #Warmly’s amazing custom backgrounds will give you an edge.

Not only will you stand out to the people you meet in a fun way, but you’ll also help important new connections remember key facts about you with less sweat. According to a recent #Warmly survey of over 130 C-suite execs, 86% reported having previously spent time researching the people they are meeting with during their call with them. That’s less time for a critical contact to stay present in your call and actually build rapport. So, why not provide that info for them, right on Zoom?

Now, you can. #Warmly has launched alongside the Zoom Apps marketplace, meaning you can download the app and create your custom background today--100% free of charge. Click here to get started: Get #Warmly for Zoom

Instant context to build deeper relationships.

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