Introducing Tif Lien, Sr. Account Executive and Warmly Super User

A video from Warmly's conversation with Tif Lien!

Please Introduce Yourself! 

Yeah, so my name is Tif Lien, I’m currently living in the Denver area.

Most of my [work] experience has been at the startup-y type of stage. I have worked at companies going from when they're hitting scale after product market fit and also a lot of pre-product market fit companies. So I've had a lot of at-bats in that way. I also tried my hand at founding my own company at one point.

Now, I'm at AgentSync on the sales team. We serve insurance companies — so carriers, MGAs, and agencies of all kinds. It's a really “sexy” business: we do regulatory compliance software for them. 😆

How has your experience been with Warmly?

I definitely use Warmly a lot. I can't tell you how many times, on calls, they'll comment on it or notice it.

Multiple people have liked it so much that on the next call, they’ll make their own and also display similar information — which is really cool! It's been a great way to break the ice, build rapport, and they get to know me a little bit better. 

I also use logos [of the other prospect in the corner feature] a lot. It shows a level of personalization that I think is imperative to sales today.

How were your meetings before Warmly? 

It was definitely a lot more prep work in that I couldn't just see who I was meeting with at a glance in my calendar invite. I had to either go to Salesforce and see the CRM or look them up on LinkedIn, but if you're back to back, it's just really difficult.

To know who you're talking to, what personas are at the table, and who the stakeholders are really helps me be prepared for any kind of meetings that come my way.

How does Warmly help with initial impressions? 

I think definitely the initial [impression] helps when you're building that rapport, and it does provide a level of professionalism that you wouldn't have otherwise.

But what I also love is that this almost serves like an ad. You can see what we do right here, right? [Gesturing towards the Warmly background]. You are almost able to use this real estate in really interesting ways beyond just any image. 

I try to treat [the background] a little bit that way: one to market myself, but also to market the company and what we do. That way, if they forget why we're on the call or what we do, my hope is that it also becomes a lot clearer why we're meeting. 

I might update the bio area depending on who I'm talking to, and if I know they're interested in a similar sport or something, I'll bring that up. 

Do you have an example of when Warmly helped break the ice? 

Someone was like, “Oh, you're dog mom!” 

There were 10 people on the call, and all of us just brought our dogs and did a little quick show and tell. It was awesome. 

The way to think about sales, you gotta have fun too. This is [the prospective customer’s] buying experience, and you should just bring a little bit of delight to it too. Evaluating any solution is a pain; it's a lot of work! How can we make that experience just a little bit more fun for everybody?

If you can introduce the little things [like the Warmly background], that just makes the overall experience better for them. Hopefully, that is a good indicator of what our solution can do for them too.

November 17, 2022

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Nov 17, 2022